Settings: E-Mail Server.

The following are the settings you require to configure you e-mail program.

Since there are so many different e-mail programs, it is impossible to step you through configuring your e-mail application here. If you require assistant, please contact your System's Administrator or your service technician.

The following example is using "" as your domain and "" as your e-mail address.

E-Mail Account:
Incoming/POP Mail Server Address:
Incoming/POP Mail Server Type: POP-3
POP Account:
Outgoing/SMTP Mail Server Address: - *

NOTE: In order to obtain a speedy transfer of your outgoing mail you REALLY SHOULD use your ISP's outgoing or smtp server. There server is located on your local network. Therefor the transfer time of your message will be greatly reduced.

Please take note that the pop account is exactly the same as your e-mail account, with the exception of the "@" changed to a percent sign.


If you do not do this, when you try and log into the mail server it will not know which domain the e-mail acount belongs to.

The mail server uses what is on the left of the percent sign as the account name and what is on the right side of the percent sign as the domain.